Monday, May 23, 2016

My blog pictures are missing!

Hi friends, Thank you for visiting my blog!

If you are trying to read my old blogs, you will be seeing no pictures and replaced with a triangular minus sign. I don't know whats wrong or what changes have taken place recently in the blog but i am not able to retrieve these pictures..

I tried to check in to various forums for help and answers and just seem to understand that change to the Picassa settings have caused the pictures to disappear. I had my albums loaded on to picassa for long term storage but now i am left with no old pictures. Only saviors now is the Facebook pictures i have in store,

I do not want to delete my old blogs as they are my memories to the days so i will try to find the pictures wherever possible and try to edit the blogs and replace with fresh pictures. Let me see if this works or else i will have to re-post/re-publish the blogs again..

Sorry for the inconvenience you have to face! I will keep them updating regularly ! Do come back for more.. 

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