Sunday, August 21, 2011

Little Indian Naming ceremony

Am back from Mom's place. Had been there for my nephew's naming ceremony. We, Indians do have these little functions like this at home to celebrate. These small little functions are kind of family reunion. It was organized on a Friday which is a week day (in Mumbai!). Coincidentally it was a work off for me and hubby and kids from school due to Pateti which is Parsi New Year. In order to avoid traffic (Traffics cans be really bad on a weekday and only few offices remain closed on Pateti), we got up at 6.30 a.m and got ready by 6.35 a.m (we didn't brush, bath or changed the night clothes). I had packed the carry bag night before, hence managed to get ready in 5 mins flat. My mom stays quite far away from my place and usual busy day would take almost 2 hours drive.  When the roads are clear and no morning signals here (signal works after 7.00 a.m), we can manage to drive in an hour there. I was driving and was happy that now i was having a  good control over the vehicle as i am still not a very pro in driving and had my shares of minor bumps and scratches on my lovey dovey car.

Felt so relieved and tired after reaching as i am not a morning person at all. I just cant get up early and somehow during weekdays i force myself to get up to go to work. So with all those driving, staying alert over those potholed roads and yawning all the way in between finally reached. The Mumbai roads have gone from bad to worse during rains. I thot of counting the potholes on the way, but somewhere in between i lost the count, it were so many. I should have counted plain roads instead, it would have been easier. O.K so me and my hubby were given the task of decorating the cradle (which i had got it as a present) and the house. Hey, even the name was suggested by me for lil baby. We have named him "Ridhaan". Doesn't that sound cute?..I love my little baby!.

I have clicked so many pics with my N8. whenever there are any such family functions, i only end up clicking pics and hence remain outside from most of the pics. So this time i gave my hubby to click the pics and i must say he did a good job. I am just posting these picture as such without editing or improvising on it. It is just too time consuming and i am too lazy for it.sorry!

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