Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY_Wall Art painting

Lately, i had come across many blogs on wall art. I really love reading these blogs and various other handmade crafts blog. They are so inspirational and it is amazing to know how one can do so many wonderful things on own and that too at a fraction of a cost. Danielle is one of my favorite bloggers. You can find her blog here. On reading her amazing blogs, i then chanced upon the Expression wall art pics she had posted.

This is the pic posted on her blog from expression wall art using vinyl decals. Isn't it just awesome?

As generally Indian homes are, i too stay in a small tiny apartment with plain walls surrounding me! Me and Hubby purchased this sweet home together more than a year back. It is not a very spacious one but quite comfortable for us three and well within our budget considering Mumbai is one of the highly populated cities and property prices are sky rocketing. I feel very very lucky to have found this house given the budget we had and the architecture was perfect. We did few interior changes but everything was just perfect about it. I do try to decorate my tiny little home in my own little way. After seeing these various wall art pictures, i so much wanted to try these on our walls too. I found out that these are generally vinyl decal stickers which you can stick on to your walls and are easily peelable whenever you want them removed. How simple stickers can transform your whole house is amazing! Actually i never thought, i could decorate the walls too with these (Am having the"why didn't i think of it earlier" moment again!). I was only aware of the decorative wall papers to do this and they don't come cheap here. We had recently got our house painted and within month of it, my little kiddo had his arty little hands all over it. But still we didn't want to spend on repainting it again so soon given the budget constraint and many other priorities.

After seeing those amazing  (yes, i know, i'm repeating this word so many times, but can't help it) pics, it was constantly flashing in my mind and i so much wanted to do something to these plain boring walls as soon as possible. The ready vinyl decal stickers can be quite expensive if you are looking for an elaborate complete wall art. Many sites offer you with making your own vinyl decal stickers but the problem with me was the vinyl decals were not easily available her in Mumbai local shops and shipping them from outside was out of question given the shipping costs involved which would definitely not justify the buying. I read somewhere that many office stationery supply stores stock it and i went to the most famous stationary shop outlet here "Staples" and they didn't stock it either citing there are not many takers here for this. So very disappointing but they were true, i hadn't seen many wall art in any of the suburban homes here either but not to give up on that, i decided to paint the walls. Ya that i can do and wont cost much either, right? I shared this idea with my hubby and he was like "We just painted these walls and you want to ruin it" (Hubby was well aware of my non arty skills and i too was not sure how this will turn out but badly wanted to do this just like a kid when given a toy gift will not sit quiet until he opens and plays with it, lolz ). So finally after seeing my enthusiasm (and some sad face, this trick always works, lolz) he agreed and we decided to have a small trial on our Temple wall facing outside (we have a small custom made temple in our house, like most indian homes with one wall open rest all attached to other rooms). The outside wall was pale creamish and boring like all the other walls and it faced our bedroom. So one one entering the house could not see it and even if i ruined it, we could easily repaint that single wall was the logic to finally decide upon this. I did not have to buy many  materials as i already had the stock of most wall colors i needed from "asian paints" and few brushes of varying sizes (We generally do the repainting ourselves, saves a lot of money and kinda fun activity during weekends). I finalised the Tree branch design with different colored flowers (main reason was, it was ok, if the branches come out crooked, if ever i am not able to hold the bruch straight). I have taken few pics during the process for you all to see along with the end result.

Before pics: The Plain wall initially and the transformation process pics

The tree is bearing flowers now transforming from autumn to spring. I could not give white color to the flowers (as in the reference art pic) as my wall color was too light. so added up few colors

So what do you think? It may not have a professional touch with the perfect finishing but its not turned out bad either! And beleive me, i have got a thumbs up from my hubby too for my next wall ruining painting (could not be more happier). Please do leave your comments. Your tips are welcome too. I will be so happy of anyone tries this. Please share your pics if you have any wall done and do not forget to click the follow button.

Cost of the project:

Asian paints 100 ml paint in diffetent colours (Yellow, Black, Blue, red ): 200 INR

Pink andblack acrylic paint: 30 INR

Total cost: 230 INR (6 USD)

Time taken: 6 hours (With frequent short and long breaks. This was to cook and clean home and not relax, if you might think so! could not give up on that daily routine. ofcourse hubby helped too.)

love, shilpa

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