Monday, May 23, 2016

My blog pictures are missing!

Hi friends, Thank you for visiting my blog!

If you are trying to read my old blogs, you will be seeing no pictures and replaced with a triangular minus sign. I don't know whats wrong or what changes have taken place recently in the blog but i am not able to retrieve these pictures..

I tried to check in to various forums for help and answers and just seem to understand that change to the Picassa settings have caused the pictures to disappear. I had my albums loaded on to picassa for long term storage but now i am left with no old pictures. Only saviors now is the Facebook pictures i have in store,

I do not want to delete my old blogs as they are my memories to the days so i will try to find the pictures wherever possible and try to edit the blogs and replace with fresh pictures. Let me see if this works or else i will have to re-post/re-publish the blogs again..

Sorry for the inconvenience you have to face! I will keep them updating regularly ! Do come back for more.. 

How to spend more quality time and bonding with Family

Hi Friends, Welcome to my blog!

Its been so long i was away from here ....i have always wanted to take time out and write something....some time out from slobbing finally making it :)

First, i want to thank HIM for giving me a blessed family!

As you all know, i am a working mom, infact we are working parents to our now 8 years (soon to be 9 year old son). Work life in India is not so flexible and can get too stressful and hectic at times.

I am (like many other working parents, am sure) always feeling guilty about not spending enough time with my kid from our 5 days a week  9 to 5 job and whatever free time we have in hand on weekends just somehow flies away .... somewhere in the middle of the week we feel the same guilt again about not spending time with kids and assuring the coming weekend we will do...This cycle seems never ending..

I have already changed few jobs from my last blog just in search of that extra time i may find with my family zeroing on options closer to my home thereby reducing travel time specially the phase from age 4 to age 8 now which was when i moved to being a nuclear family..

My son is now 8 and all grown up and does not require as much attention as earlier years but still i look for that perfect quality time i can bond with him in his growing years. So to keep me motivated i read, browse many self help, family articles and other mommy blogs and just love their inputs and some way or other they help every mom take their suggestions and mould it in her own way to suit her family.. I also wanted to share my tips if this can help anyone and although  i am not a perfectionist and still looking or some more tips to always improve on..but these are definitely working for me.

Here are some of the most important little things i follow and continue to follow:

1) Ask for Help!

First and most important  -  this may also mean to some to employ a full time maid (we are in India, we are lucky, we don't have to pay a bomb to hire.. any middle class Indian can afford a maid and for various of activities). Since i am off -maid for now (long story ) and my son is very happy with his buddies in day care which leaves me the option of asking help from his Day Care teachers! My son is been in daycare since he was barely a year old, so this helped as well..

So yes, pl approach and ask for help but from one you can trust.. I frequently approach his day care teachers for helping complete his Home assignments when i know will be late from work. Or if i have to rush in morning and no time for cleaning and tidying him up for the school, his day care teacher is kind enough to handle this. I must say,  i sometime just have to pick him up from bead and directly put him in the car while he is still sleeping.. that definitely cuts down my morning rush stress.. (yes, i can avoid if am an early waker- but sometimes..ok..most often, i do sleep late, i am just not an early waker..i am working on it :) ).

Wondering how this will maximize my quality time - well its simple! rushing to office early on time means leaving on time :)

2) MOMMY - SON TIME  during commute to and from home and Daycare

Its a hardly 10 mins drive but i intentionally take the longer route and even a halt for some snack grabbing on the go just to talk to my son about his day at the school and daycare.. however exhausted i am, this this totally de-stresses me plus my kid is relaxed in the car seat - no gaming consoles in hand so he's attentive as well as talking  about whats during the day. i have observed, the most crucial and important conversation which has happened, is during this time..

I am not a strict religious or spiritual follower nor i have been forceful about it on my son but i make sure, i tell him something about superior almighty GOD and his miracles and how HE is with us and watching over us..I have my kid undivided attention to this and  he started asking me questions so i can make out he is curious about to know more about our old religious stories..

3) Hugs and Kisses and lots of Hugs and Kisses.

Morning hug, leaving at at daycare goodbye hug, coming back to pick up hug, sleeping hug and many hugs in between ... enough to let him know, we love him a lot and he matters to us!

I also like to surprise him sometimes by putting lil notes in his school snack box especially when there are his tests and he feels a little nervous (so young still feels the pressure!), i draw a smiley face and scribble 'All the best' 'Mama loves u' 'No Problem' etc on the Tissue napkin and place in the snack box ..when we meet in evening, i do enquire if he got my lil message and and he says he likes it and his friends read them as well...

4) Opinion matters!

Involve him and listen to his choices and opinions.. I may have my menu charted for the school snacks box and dinner.. but it does not have to be a hard fast 'We are going to eat only what mommy has written ' rule..

if he has had something heavy at daycare or we had some snacks on way, then i make sure i don't cook heavy and check with him if he prefers a lighter alternative which also gives me a lot of free time. rather than cooking long Indian recipes (which i have already tweaked to reduce time, thanks to Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals and my all time fav Nigella lawson).

I also check with him if he would like something different in his snack box during our way home the previous day and then he has his stories to tell how his friends like what i had given earlier and how they ask him to repeat... Its just so fascinating to hear him talk about his and his friends lil talks.

Sometimes when i am late back, i prefer a take away rather than rushing in to the kitchen exhausted. i make sure, i order from restaurants i trust the quality of food. since mostly its India non-veg like tandoori, tikkas and fresh they are not loaded with the harmful preservatives or anything unhealthy.. If i wanna cut cost, i may simply make rice and order only curries.. So i just wanna tell mommies, its OK to have a take-aways and no need to feel guilty,

5) Buying time

Most important for all mommies here reading this.. I came across this when i was reading some article on may be how to save money..i don't remember the article but this phrase has stuck to me...The most important investment i can do is on time..I buy time..

I was doing this from long by some ways but never knew this had a name to it.. I am a total hater of going grocery shopping, be it market where there is too much of crowd or the shopping mall where there are long queues. i never had the patience and always felt as a waste of time.. and then the phase of online grocery shopping sites and app was like a prayer was answered :)

So i order my planned weekly and even emergency groceries online (kudos to their 3 hr delivery service options available) more parking hassles and fees..just sit besides your kid and shop on your app.

Many women may feel, i am wasting money, its snobbish, or the price is too high on app sites so they prefer going to the market and fetching their veggies.. But trust me guys, the price is hardly ..hardly any difference...Yes probably there may be a further discounts not displayed on app sites, but i will prefer to utilize that time spending at home or out with family and passing that extra saving i may get......for me a couple of rupees extra spending to be with my family is worth it, so why not if i can afford it. So i suggest, order cut veggies sometimes, pass that buy 1 get 1 offer, buy your time if you can afford..Don't waste your time hunting deals..  its not worth..

These are above some tips i wanted to share wit you, i follow to maximize my time with family. These are the ones i follow because they totally suit my current lifestyle, some of these tips may help you, some may not and you may have your own. so i would really love to listen from you guys! Let me know your tips and if you have any more suggestions for me let me know...

Thank you for reading ! Do visit back for more..

Enjoy a happy family time! :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My week in pictures.....

Warning! Photos overload........lolz.
The week has gone ..the work at office was very hectic and so i was looking forward to my weekend badly...but still lil do i get the me time ..

Few of my lovely week pics..

my kiddo annual day function at his day care center...his best buddies for ever..he's been with them since one and half year old and now he's going to be six...(yes, my kids in day care since one year, it was a very sad decision but i had no choice being working mom and no one at home to take care of....but looking back i feel that was a right move...)

My two babies...the lil one's is my sis's son and he is so naughty..isn't it obvious from the pic..he he ..

was craving some potato and veggies had an quick idea to roast them.. lil olive oil, paprika, pepper powder, oregano and salt is all you need to make this yummy side dish. Mix them all together and microwave (540W) and grill at combi mode ...ready in 15 mins..

dish ready just out of it as such or with hot chapati's..i prefer as such... 

went to the amusement park set up near a local was a fun time sitting in the rides although at the end, hubby and me were a bit dizzy but out kid was insisting to have more, but we were not in our right senses to have had to refuse him...(we could not let him alone, he is too young and too mischievous to rely on him to be quiet on the rides),,lolz..

 view taken from giant wheel..god knows how i managed to get these pics clicked as i was screaming the most while riding.. 

see..not a tiny bity of fear while sitting on the rides..his mamma was screaming on top of her voice...

tried a new marinade for the chicken this time, not the usual tandoori one, was bored of the same tandoori marinade..the chicken turned out delicious . This marinade is prepared by grinding coriander leaf, paprika, barbeque sauce (i had some left over so used it), salt, vinegar, pepper powder, cinnamon and lil oil. Marinate overnight and then use the microwave (540W) and grill combi for 15 mins turning in between once. It's so yummy and gets ready so fast...

Rice pulav to go with the chicken...and this is the best way i can get my kid have his veggies..i add them all in the pulav (i used french beans, carrot, cabbage, potato and soya granules this time). this is also an amazing quick dish, all goes in the cooker with water, salt, coriander powder, biryani masala and just one whistle is all you need..

went to the local exhibition set up near by....i like these bangles to go with my casuals and jeans...paid 100 Rs / 2 $ (i tried to negotiate but the sales man was not budging..since i liked it..i could not just pass it. i know its bit pricey for this but i had been looking for this design and could not get what i wanted anywhere else...i like the mix of the metals just had to buy..

another buy on a was on a sale for rs 50 only for took it.. 

the neck piece is from shoppers stop. had visited the mall this week and they were running a sale..i picked it up assuming this would be also for some percent off too..but during checkout, the sales person said this one was a fresh collection and so no offer..was reluctant to pass of and finally bought for rs 299 / approx 5 $

This is what me and my hubby won during the kids annual day fest...there was some entertainment programme for the parents too. few couples were called and asked to do a task and we were the winners...yippee.....

finally, i got some time to clean my masala storage rack...i love this in my kitchen as it has all the masalas together what i require on daily basis  but it was getting a bit dirty by frequent use...and as usual was putting off cleaning time for working mothers to get in to all these u see..but finally i managed...its looking new now..

got some new curtains for my living room.... had been long wanting to have these soft light curtains but they were a bit pricey..Guess what, the Home Stop was running a sale of 50% off, and these were up for half the price...had to grab it...(sale price: 700 Rs each, MRP: 1400 Rs each)...

ain't they the morning, the rays come  straight through them..and its so bright in the living happy they were on sale..

come visit me next week with new pics of the week....

hope you had a great weekend too... :) 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Giveaway hosted by Indian Vanity Case

One of my Fav beauty blogger, Cynthia Z from Indian Vanity Case is hosting a give away on her blog. 

Just click the link to enter the giveaway and win an amazing Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette!

Its so amazing! i have also participated in this giveaway..
i have never won anything before and so much looking forward to this .. i am not a cosmetics person but i love the shades and def want to try one..

This giveaway ends on 05/05  and that's my b'day.....That would be the best gift i can have...keeping my finger crossed till then...
so guys hurry up and follow the instructions to be fulfilled for this giveaway..who knows, u can be the lucky one...

if u win, share the prize with me bcoz i said u abt it , right? he he ..just kidding..

also do not forget to chk out her site..its amazing ..i happened to get know by chance but iam already hooked on to it..very simple and sweet here to go to the blog..

keep coming back for more..

Friday, April 13, 2012

Thrift finds: Series 1

Few weeks (probably good 1-2 months back),  i had gone shopping nothing particular in mind and ended up buying these items from a local shopping place nearby and at an amazingly low price...i definitely love what i got...(I am not an impulsive or an expensive shopper...i cannot and don't like to spend on expensive stuff....Thrift finds always cheers me up!)

First find: A lovely large soft black bag. 
It cost me only Rs 500 (on sale). The actual shop cost was around 900 rs. It was a clearance sale and i am already liking this bag. i have started using it as my office bag and stuff it with lot many things. I carry every day to office along with all other ladies stuffs..

The inside is quite spacious which i why i chose it..
i am always attracted to large bags.

The ruffles line in front is quite catchy and attractive..
it does not belong to any particular brand, just a small time brand but its sturdy (i am telling this because i had been using this for over a month now with all the stuff packed and it still very strong..)

Second find, a Mason jar

I had seen these jars in so may blogs and its utilities..i had always wanted these..i got these for only Rs 100 (i actually do not know for how much price they come for here, but the price i felt was quite cheap and reasonable and moreover i wanted to own one since long!). I use them to keep my oreo biscuits and they remain fresh and crispy for a longer time now..i place them on my dining table to be visible for my son and he can get his hand on them whenever he feels like...

Third find: A Vov brand nail paint in baby pink..i love this color (i know most girls do..).i got this for Rs 50. This is the price they come bargain in this. while looking for other stuff , i chanced upon this and ended up buying it..

i am not a big nails keeper and no hand model. Moreover i never have had any fancy manicures and pedicure done but i like keeping my nails and hands pretty now and then as i am working and sometimes i feel it cuts a very good presentation...i work on computers so whenever i sit and type, i like it, what i see on my fingers..quite elegant hands makes u feel good!

have decided to take care of them more often!

That's it for today...i have many other stuff too.. will post sometime later..

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beauty Tip_How to revive your dried Gel Liner

Hello back to blogging again after a short break..i enjoy blogging and have so many things to blog but i find it very difficult to take time out for after i get back from work. even week offs are busy for a mom..

so here i have sneaked in a teeny weeny time and sharing with you one awesome tip i came across while reading though few blogs..(I love READING blogs!)

How to revive a dried up gel eyeliner..i know gel eyeliners are amazing but expensive..also they have the tendency to get dried up easily and you dont even feel like throwing it away after paying so much for it..i myself use a L'oreal Gel eyeliner and no doubt its good but definitely over priced so i cant even think what would i do if it ever dries up..Thank God, i chanced upon this very inexpensive idea or may be we can call it a home remedy..

You need:

Dried up gel eyeliner
Vaseline (yep! that why i called a hom remedy..almost all Indian homes have a vaseline small bottle /lip balm throughout the year)

Sharing the pics and u can easily get the idea... (courtesy blogger sunaa:

Fantabulous! isn't it..Now i really don't have to worry if ever it happens! Thanks sunaa..

A detailed step by step guide.. 

Luv..i will share more keep visiting.

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