Thursday, February 2, 2012

Top 15 Ways to Save

As a pert of blogging, i do read other blogs and then there are few blogs which have such beautiful articles that you just want to read over and share it..infact this inspired me to start my own blog so i could get to read and share and connect as well to all the beautiful blogs..and then i can have all these blogs collective together in one place to read over them again..

i recently came across one such good blogger mrsascouponorganizer. you can find the blog here . One fine artcle, i came acrooss about saving and iam reproducing the same here to read on and enjoy!

Top 15 Ways to Save

1. Don’t pay interest. Most of us must for a house. But even this can be minimized. Debt service is money down the drain.
2. Live in a house that meets your needs but don’t get carried away. Keep it neat and attractive and you’ll be satisfied.
3. Drive a car that is economical, reliable, and safe, but affordable. After a house, this is one of our major expenses. Don’t get lured in to a big payment.
4. Develop a budget whichs keeps you living within your means and helps you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.
5. Don’t spend on a credit card unless you can pay it off monthly. No debt service.
6. Plan shopping trips based on your budget. Follow your shopping list to avoid impulse buying.
7. Obtain coupons for anticipated purchases.
8. Organize your coupons in a true organizer where you can see all coupons at once. This way, you don’t miss using a coupon, and they don’t expire. (I really love coupon organizers. They are one of the purchases that return far more than their cost)
9. Invest money wisely and in diverse ways. Interest coming to you is a good thing. Have a year’s supply of savings, if possible. Otherwise, crisis could force you in to debt.
10. Stay healthy. Those who don’t pay a small price daily for health will one day pay a great price.
11. Don’t buy something just because it is on sale. Determine if you will use it and if it fits your lifestyle, health, and happiness goals.
12. Buy generic when feasible.
13. Buy in bulk.
14. Buy and eat bulk, whole grains and legumes.
15. Plant a garden and eat from your harvest. Preserve that which you can.
Don’t buy what you don’t need. Take a deep look at yourself. Do you buy to mood alter? Living within one’s means provides a peace greater than the excitement of a purchase if it leaves you with the stress of debt. This list could be much longer. It was an exercise for me to see what I could think of off the top of my head.
Hope you find this interesting and something to think over...

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