Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A New haircut

Once again i got myself a new haircut (within three months of earlier cut!). Its not a drastic change though from the previous one, just a little layering and trimming. I am sooo impatient. I was just not able to manage my frizzy locks for  too long.

Just before the cut in the salon
Just before the cut in the salon

My new cut

Side view 

My hair's always been very frizzy and wavy, so one cannot experiment much with it. I most often end up having a bad hair day so i never let it grow for more than three to four months from the last cut. I am definitely not a "long hair tied back in a ponytail" person. I mean, whats the use of your growing your hair when u want to tie it up. I really envy ladies with straight hair and how they manage to look perfect 9 to 5 without even having to run fingers through their hairs. Mine with my frizzy curly locks, even 10 min past my combing, it seems as if i just got up fom sleep or more worse had a terrible hair pulling fight with someone and i am literally not Joking!

I have been experimenting with different cuts to manage my frizzy locks. Just chk out the snaps taken sporting various haircuts..Sorry for the pic quality, it was all clicked long back from the mobile vga cam available with me earlier.

The first straightening i did , few years back, probably year 2003

All hair grown up and tied back. Na, I did not like this look much though..

My second straightening (with wavy hair growing back) in 2008

Just look at all those waves back, year 2010

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