Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feeling depressed? steps to overcome it...

had been feeling depressed lately...on professional front.. had few petty issues going on in the work front which really made me depressed and also had to postpone my blog writing..(i am a very sensitive person and react to things very easily..)

During this, i read some articles on how to get over your depression and really found some few simple but amazing tricks which has worked wonders for me and was able to relieve my negative if you are feeling depressed lately over any issues my be, read on , this article is just right for you.  i had read this in one of the stress management articles and am sharing it with can try any or multiples of this..and see for yourself how wonderful it is..

·         Get a pet! 
·         Take a friend’s dog for a walk
·         Try gardening - very relaxing
·         Write a weekly timetable (daily list rest/activity/work etc…)
·         Get outside and walk daily (great way to get an endorphin boost)
·         Do a daily crossword
·         Paint (by numbers or freestyle)
·         See friends weekly (gets you out of your own shell)
·         Stick post-it notes with positive quotes on your bathroom mirror
·         Blitz old clothes/clutter and head to a charity shop & have a potter round
·         Be open to medication (5 antidepressants failed and the 6th worked!)
·         Find a relaxation/exercise class (easier to be motivated in company)
·         Visit an elderly/ill relative (it can help a great deal to focus on others)
·         Browse the self-help section at your local library or book shop
·         Arrange to meet a friend for coffee/walk
·         Avoid recreational drugs & alcohol (masks and exasperates depression)
·         Eat ‘good mood’ foods e.g. bananas, fish, broccoli, seeds
·         Write poetry (very cathartic!)
·         Wear clothes that boost your self-confidence (even when all you feel like wearing  trackers)
·         Give yourself permission to say ‘No’ to people (exhaustion is not helpful)
·         Rent some comedy dvds/buy online
·         Go out to the cinema
·         Sell your old books/dvds on amazon (use the money to spoil yourself)
·         Try a multivitamin/omega 3 supplement
·         Use a Lightbox on winter days (a real help-makes winter bearable)
·         Find a CBT therapist or learn CBT skills (recommend CBT for dummies)
·         Read ‘Depressive Illness: The curse of the strong’ by Dr. Tim Cantopher - useful for dispelling myths about the illness…
·         List activities you enjoyed before becoming ill and reintroduce them
·         Buy aromatherapy oils and enjoy a soothing bath
·         If your depression is mild, ask your GP about St. John’s Wort
·         Write a letter/card to an old friend
·         Head to a garden centre and wander round; stop for a coffee
·         Subscribe to online daily motivational quotes (get sent to your email)
·         Join an internet support group (or see if you have a local mind group)
·         Enrol on an adult learning course or perhaps an online course
·         Snap an elastic band around your wrist when your mind starts ruminating
·         รพ      When you feel overwhelmed write in big letters every emotion you’re experiencing
·         Play loud, upbeat music and sing along at home/in your car
·         Avoid large social events (especially in the early stages)
·         Try to postpone making any major, life-changing decisions until you are stronger again
·         Learn to listen to the messsages your body is giving you (if you feel tired, don’t be ashamed to rest)
·         Try to get into doing jigsaws (they use both sides of the brain - a great means of distraction)
·         Find a voluntary job (if you feel up to it)
·         Keep a memo card with uplifting quotes/poems with you
·         Write a letter to someone who has hurt you, then burn it
·         Go outside and listen to the birds (sounds corny but very relaxing!)
·         Go with a friend to get a manicure or massage (pamper yourself!)
·         Chat with old friends or make new friends online
·         Create your own website or start an online blog
·         Call a crisis/helpline and talk to someone anonymously
·         Write a letter to God (or perhaps to yourself in the future)
·         Phone a relative or old friend that you haven’t heard from in a while
·         Go to the park and feed the ducks (or find a nice place to just sit and people watch)
·         Make a scrapbook for photos and places you’ve visited
·         Write about what you’ve done in a diary (useful to look back on& see how far you’ve come)
·         Dig out your favourite book and have a good read
·         Write 10 things you have achieved (eg school, college, uni, jobs) and read it often
·         Make a list of 10 things you would like to do before you die (also research how to do them)
·         Go and see a play or musical with a friend
·         Memorise the words to a song you like (or poem)
·         Plan a holiday, go to the travel agents and get some brochures to look at
·         Find an activity you really enjoy (swimming? Aerobics? Tennis?)
·         Go to a craft shop and choose something fun to try (e.g. glass painting)
·         Buy a simple cake-mix and bake some cakes/muffins for a snack
·         Get a punch-bag and let your anger, frustration and pain out (hitting duvet/pillows also helps)
·         Make a ‘crisis’ list of people you can call when you’re in a bad space (keep it to hand e.g. by the phone/on a notice board)
·         Look at houses for sale in your area (living in Guernsey, looking at all the million+ houses is quite fun!)
·         Go on facebook and look at your friends’ photo albums.
·         Play computer games (e.g. spider solitaire, minesweeper) 

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