Monday, August 29, 2011

Just a thot_are we really celebrating Ganesha or making a mockery of HIM?

So finally, Ganesha is arriving, after a year long wait! It is such a rich festival for us hindus..and i literally mean the word "RICH" here..

In a few days, we will be reading in newspapers, so and so affluent person had offered so many thousands of rupees as offerings, sometimes even running in to lacs and some take a step ahead and offer Gold and even diamonds and we read all about them in the paper. What i do not understand is what are this people trying to prove? are they trying to show their love towards HIM by doing this? do they really think, god will be please with all the money and gold they offered? are they humanising HIM?

corruption had influenced us in such an extent that is has formed a new DNA sequence in our system and become a part of our genes.. so what other justifiable explanation can be given than this that whatever material things pleases us will please God too. We also will be reading about many other people and how their wishes were granted by HIM and to thank him they are offering these wealth...seriously, do you feel HE requires your money and Gold in return of HIS blessings and do you think HE does not have it so you are giving it to him..

Can anyone explain me why we need to give money to GOD! why you forget He has only given you this and you thank him by offering him HIS money back? Sometimes my thinking runs a little wild (ok, fine, many times), now me thinking, If God were human and he had blessed you with all the money and you thank him with same money he had offered you, HE would have laughed and said "If i wanted this, i would have kept it with myself" and after more laughs (remember HE does not get angry, even in his human form) "meri cheez mujhe hi wapas karte ho". lolz...what is it with us?

Why cant we donate these money who actually requires them like the orphanages, old age institutions or even the poor destitute sitting outside in the rains if you really want to thank HIM? Pass his blessings forward with your deeds and help towards others and not backward and please do not make a mockery of HIM...and did i mention, even few make money garlands and make HIM wear it throughout...Ridiculous, Ridiculous, Ridiculous! my god what are you thinking? when there is so much of misery, should HE smile for your garlands?...

Wonder now as anna has won, will there be no more corruption? so what about VIP passes for these little peek of the GOD, are these not a type of corruption? or are we just looking at the bigger pictures and invariably ignore the little one's....since they are no more corruption but our culture itself..

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  1. It is certainly vulgar display of lucre during these festivities. God wants us to be good human beings, humble, simple and compassionate. He would be happy with just a flower or even that is not needed if you can't afford it. Good post.