Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Add a Facebook button to your blog

Hi! Fffinally i did it! Iam soooooo happy.  It has really taken me a long time to figure out to add the Facebook link to my blog. I have managed to place this icon now on the top right side on my blog. I am such an avid FB user that i rarely remeber a day i do not come on it. Since now i have started blogging, wanted it to connect it to my FB account and share my blogs. Browsing the NET got me various sites of how it can be done but i was still not able to figure it out. Maybe i am not to net savvy and could not make of many of terms used. Than i chanced upon a blog by Kellybot and it just got me hooked. Apart from amazing blogs, it also had what i was looking for and she too faced the similar problem like me initially and hence she posted it in her blog to help if anyone with similar problem comes across to her blog (Oh my god! just felt the blog knew what i exactly wanted and was waiting for me come and get the answer). She has simplified so much of this process that i feel a first timer can too get it correctly. So i thot of sharing this post of hers with you and re-post it here, for the same reason, if anyone comes looking out for it.

"Finding the badge
First of all, you need a Facebook (FB) page for your business. When you're logged into FB and on your business page, click on "Edit Page." It's located right below your profile pic, top of the left column. Then look for the Communication section, towards the bottom of the righthand column. Click on "Promotion Guidelines." This page gives you all the information about how your can reference FB and link to them. About halfway down is the actual badge, including a hi-res version. If you're posting it on your blog, you don't need the hi-res one... just right-click on the badge and save it somewhere on your computer. 

Adding the badge to your blog
(For blogger) If you're looking at your actual blog and you're signed in, click "Customize" at the top. If you're on the Dashboard, click "Layout." Then click "Add a Gadget" and select "Picture." You can enter a title and/or caption, or just leave it blank (mine says "Become a fan on Facebook!"). Copy and paste the link to your FB business page into the "link" section. Upload the badge picture from wherever you saved it on your computer. Click "save" and rearrange the gadgets so the badge is where you want it in your layout. "

If anyone has found my blog useful and have liked it, i really want you to click the follow button and the FB button.

Love, Shilpa 

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