Monday, August 8, 2011

Shravan + No Fish + No meat = Good health (for me!)

Hello! So it's Monday again! omg! the week seems to have breezed by so fast and i did not even could finish half the things i had planned. Last Tuesday was my kiddo's b'day. he is 4yo now. God! children grow up so quick (well, every mom thinks so, right?). so the week started with lot of running around and getting things organised for the celebration. Indeed it turned out to be a wonderful event for kids as well as the parents who dropped by (I thank them so much for taking their time out being a weekday). I had so many wonderful things in my mind to blog about and definitely the custom t-shirt i have made as a gift that i wanted to write so much (i will blog about it next) post the event..But unfortunately, the next day, post lunch i was feeling quite uneasy and was throwing up everything i was eating (YUCKS! i know). So went to the nearby hospital for the diagnosis and was detected with Acute Gastritis (the inflammation of the stomach and the intestinal lining!) God, the stomach cramps were so terrible! They made me stay awake the whole night plus the constant vomit. The culprit was the home made fried fish (Pomfret) which i had eaten during lunch as what the doc said to me..but i still don't get it as my hubby and my son had the same fried Pomfret (in fact one whole piece each) whereas i made with only half during lunch, still i wasn't able to digest it..(yes, i am a regular fish eater and just can gorge on it unlimited without any problems but had not had it since last few months but was a regular meat eater)..

Ouch!the stomach cramps and the nausea...god, was just intolerable. The medications were quite comforting and took away almost 80% of my pain. By the way did i tell you i had taken off from the office for the whole week for some other personal reason and i suffered from this (well, ok , i will tell you, it was to visit my Mom.). Also i was not able to digest the fact that the very fish (Pomfret) which i have frequently in too much quantity sometimes never gave me a problem then why now? and why only me?

Somewhere during conversation with one of my Maharashtrian friend she had casually mentioned to me that this is the month of "Shravan" (Holy month as per the Hindu calender year) which is the month of Lord Shiva so they abstain from meat, fish and drinks. Not the one easily convinced with this reason for just giving up eating meat and fish for a whole month {no, i am not a nastik (agnostic), i believe in GOD but not the beliefs which comes attached to it, unless there is some logical backing, i took my laptop and searched for the various Hindiusm articles and scriptures written on this. (Here is the abstract of what i came across various written and documented articles. This is completely based on the net searches i have done and i have pieced together the information which seemed relevant to my present condition). As per Hinduism, this is the month wherein atmospheric changes take place due to nearby monsoon which gives rise/increase in microbes in food and atmosphere. This affects body too as the body enzymes required for digestion are cut down. Hence body cannot take the burden of digesting heavy food which give rise to different ailments. In earlier times, food was not that properly processed and medical needs were not easily available, hence the Ayurvedic scholars or pandits /brahmins in the name of God made people abstain from these foods which are considered heavy for body so that they can follow and maintain their health. This belief is been carried on for centuries with many  knowing the actual reason while many blindly following it in the name of God! whichever reason may be, this ensured good health and rid of body toxins.Hats off to all the Great Indian Ayurvedic scholars who knew this fact long before anything was ever invented or discovered or probably any research available..

The Ayurvedic scholars had all the remedies for all the ailments during that period along with their precautions whatever required to be taken, but the only sad part is it was not handed over to the disciples completely. Always the guru used to keep some part of it from the pupil and imparting only 90% of the knowledge and this went on (yes, insecurity was rampant at that era too!) until we lost most of the Ayurvedic healing treasures.

Yes, I will to be abstaining myself from eating heavy during this period as far as possible and not fiddle with my health!

tc, bye


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