Thursday, August 25, 2011

What is with us women?

 Yes, precisely i want ask all the Indian women, more appropriately the Indian Wife ....why, why we have to take all these ...

why we have get up early much before our husbands and feel good about it?

why do we drudge in the kitchen getting food ready  while our husband gets up only to get ready, have breakdaft and zoom and not even giving a second thot that we too have to get ready for office too and we are completely o.k with it?

why do we feel so proud about knowing how to cook?

why we take the bashing and hitting by our husband and the next moment we serve him dinner as if nothing happened?

why if someone shows concern, we refuse to acknowledge it in the name of family matter?

why we are the ones who are responsible for saving family grace and name?

why we take crap from Mother in law and then say it happens everywhere, so no big deal?

why do we get upset when our husbands compares us to his mother and you try to please him by becoming like her?

why we are supposed to like or care for our in-laws even if they talk and behave like bitches and dogs?

why is serving hot rotis to your husband  for lunch/dinner more important than your own breathing that you gasp for breath running to and fro the kitchen getting the hot rotis from the tawa and you get immense pleasure when he burps even of he doesn't care u had ur lunch or not or would never imagine to do this to you.

why we are most happy when we have sons and never ever teach them cooking unlike daughters?

why we get so upset when someone points to us that we cannot cook good?

why a comment on how good you cook and clean the house makes you more happy than getting a raise in your office for your good work?

Why we do not mind sister-in-laws visiting un invited and uninformed?

why we always keep quiet when we ought to speak up?

why we always talk in low voice?

why we give virginity so much importance and never mind if our husbands were not?

why we always have to be ready for our husbands?



Have you ever thought why our advertisements are all filled with families with wives running in the kitchen and husband reading newspapers?... i have to stop here....My question to all the Indian wives...(yes, i am too an Indian wife and do many of the things above). Why we do it? is is because we have been told to, we have seen our mothers do it, our husband want us to or we do not want to offend our husband or any of in laws?

Many would be mentally bashing me while reading this, some name calling me..and some even saying this is crap and not an Indian thinking ...But i just want all women to give it a serious thot, do in the name of love, family, tradition and sacrifice, do we all have to endure this?

Now you may say that if women don't follow these, this may lead to a rift and differences and can lead to fights, separations and divorces. So women have to sacrifice many things and be tolerant.. Just thinks, is it really worth it? I understand many women in India are dependent on their husband earnings so have no choice but what about others? and moreover, the thinking your husband has, who has imbibed it?

when it comes to money and earning, we all want our children to go to US, UK and other western countries and work but what about imbibing few good things from the west like sharing responsibilities, household chores . Seriously, eating out once a week is not a crime..

Dear women, just give it a thought.. tomorrow your lil daughters and sons will become the wives and husbands and it is up to you how you would want them to be..

and please Indian men, i too agree that all men are not same and many respect and care for their wives. I am too blessed with such a husband. Sayonara!

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  1. Except for being proud that I can cook well (I don't see why I shldn't be - just like I am proud of all the other things that I do well. But I get your point.)I don't do any of the above. I am also an Indian wife - but probably thought of as a useless one by most people I guess!
    And you are right-being like this causes a lot of rifts, arguments , fights etc. But I'd rather be this way than than sacrifice myself completely and disappear into my marriage. Sometimes I think that I might have a much more peaceful domestic life if I had married fresh out of college instead of working, traveling and living by myself independently.....