Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekly Menu Plan

Its Sunday again! The week seems to have passed really very quickly...Its the Menu plan day of the week and i have yet to write down the menu's for this week's dinner..

My office has started working on Sunday's and now we are having our weekly off's on Friday (I hope this is kind of temp arrangement due to some power shut don on Friday's), so now gone are the days when i could grab a pen and a paper and sit on the couch planning my menu in my own sweet time thinking if any of the recipes are repeating too much and even sometimes asking Hubby if he would prefer any specific food which i can fit in the busy week.

Now i have to be quick and just note down and finalize the list in few minutes flat...(I am planning to do the Fortnightly Menu plan now, so i don't have to sit and think over it every Sunday!)

So chk out what for dinner this week at home.. (This will be had with Rice or either Wheat Chapati in addition to Salad and Yoghurt as an accompaniment)

Sunday : Neer Dosa (Thin soft rice pancakes) and Chicken curry in coconut milk (Yummy, south Indian delicacy) (I make these in the morning itself for lunch and leftover for dinner, so Sunday evening can be free for me to relax and have an evening out with Hubby and my 4yo)

Monday:  Sambhar + Boiled chickpeas

Tuesday: Dal Palak Khichdi (Yellow Lentil and spinach rice) + Alu wadi (Indian snack made from taro leaves)

Wednesday: spring onion Noodles

Thursday (Yippe, it is Ganesh festival here) : South Indian veg delicacies eating on Banana leaf. Mostly Chana masala + green moong curry + payasam + some few more if time permits..(i am Looking forward to this day as will have a continuous three day week off from work. No Nonveg this day as it is an auspicious day for us Hindus)

Friday: Dried Prawns curry in coconut milk  with grilled potatoes (i have a stock of coconut milk cans which i want to finish off)

Saturday: Dal fry + kothimbir wadi (Little spicy Pancakes made from Cilantro and Chickpea flour)

I only make recipes which i can churn out in a span of few minutes to not more than an hour. so they all are invariably in my own quick style. Honestly, I try to stick to these recipes as far i can, unless something other priority comes up wherein i have to be out in the evening for long, so in these cases we end up ordering food from outside or its just plain Dal (Lentil soup) and Rice, if i feel like it, which i get get on the table with in half an hour flat. These are few of my cooker recipes i love for their quick turnout. Also I do not follow the old tried or the elaborate methods chalked out on Internets, yet they taste great!. As they say, cooking is no rocket science..

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