Sunday, July 17, 2011

catching up with old friend

hi all,
its been days now i have written anything on my blog...when i started it , i decide i will at least try to write something a day or two to track my deslobification process and get everything organised..but seriously, a working woman, mom, wife demands too much from you and very little for yourself..

But then i sneaked in a little "me time" for myself and paid a visit to my old close was amazing catching up with her after long.. (we never had a chat like this in years plus she was out of contact for few years) and talking about all the fun things and the changes in our life..our kids too bonded very well..seriously it had been long where i was just busy chatting up and lousing around her house..Time just flew. i realized this only when my hubby called up asking if i never thot of coming back home from your girlfriend's place that i enjoyed my me time and i should frequently have this (Indian wives generally do not accept this concept too easily and they would reason that this means to ignore your family... we really need to have a life..)..sorry guys no pics this time ..

also by the way guys, to have this little of me time in the evening, i had to keep prepared and organize everything in the home front before i left so that i don't loose my mind by seeing the mess once i return back (dinner for hubby included in this)...


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