Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Revamped Mobile case

Hello, Welcome!

Another one of my revamped DIY project. Well this one was the most easiest of the lot which i have tried until now.

Almost a year back, my sweet hubby (well, he is not that sweet always and definitely not a always bring home gifts to wife kinda a person) gifted me with Nokia N8. First high end phone i ever had. By far i love this phone and had really helped me in organizing myself. It really has some amazing features and look wise it is so smarter too. With its 12MP camera, it has replaced my digicam for all the snaps i click (sorry, no more praising this gadget as i am not on review this product blog here!) But everyone has their favorites, right?

So my phone came with an usual sturdy black case (too plain and boring). I carried it almost everyday wondering how to add a lil bit of more color to it. Sometimes i thought to carry the cell without the case as it looked more smarter but very well knowing my slobbish ways, i decided otherwise. There is not much peppy cell phone cases available here and few which are there, are too garish and loud or either look too childish. Since i carried my phone everywhere including my office meetings, wanted to look more sober as well as colorful. So just to pep it up, i use three hand made ribbon roses in Red (I have the fascination for Red!) along with some store bought green decorative cloth leaves. Arranged them in an order i wanted it to be and glues with the Fevibond (its the best glue..ok..ok.. no more product review and praises) .

So here's my new N8 case with  new peppy look which also by the way can be carried coolly to office meetings ..i just love the way it looks now.

tc, bye, (Come back for my next!)


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