Monday, July 18, 2011

Shoe makeover DIY project

Hello everyone,

Iam an Indian Blogger and so excited to show you my DIY project and moreover so because I am going to link this up with “Made it on Monday”. Monday is a shoe revamp project in there.

For this, one of the most important things I had was an worn out shoe..Many times I felt like I should just throw this sandal away as it was completely in a non wearable state.. I had brought it 4 years back on a great deal (was on sale at just 300 Indian rupees(7.5 USD), the original price was around 900 Indian rupees (23 USD)) on my first wedding anniversary. This was the only shoe I had to wear on every occasion and I liked it very much. The shoe had seen so many beautiful occasions with me together, that I just didn’t have that heart to throw it away.. and then somewhere in the blogland, I read about the shoe revamp DIY projects. I had that moment “Why didn’t I think of it earlier?”. I also read one of the post of shoe revamp in Suburbs mama blog and liked her glittery shoes..But it’s a na na in India here, so didn’t go for it..

So out came my favorite shoe from the closet (yes, still it was nicely kept in the closet). It was a light golden leather shoe with silver front. The sides were badly peeled off. In India here, you do not get all the required art project mterials like available in US and even if you get , it’s in select shops which are in the town and does not have much franchisees… (Hope, in the coming decade we have a Wal-Mart here, Iam just so jealous just b’coz of the presence of Wal-Mart in US! Everything you can think of, it’s in there!)  

So I  brought some acrylic colors in Gold and Pearl (in similar shade to my shoe), some Red and Gold ribbons. (Sorry, I could not click the picture, as I never thought it would turn out good, being this one of my first few DIY projects with no past experience and also never thought I would link up)..

Ok, no more blah blah…see below the steps I followed:

1) First cleared of all the peeled surfaces visible on my shoes just by gently pulling it (I didn’t knew any other way!).
2) Then I applied the transparent Pearl color on all the Gold part of the shoe and let it dry.
3) The front part, where the shoe decorating buckle was placed was totally rusted. I tried removing it, but it was glued to it very strongly, so I just let it be..
4) When the coat dried, I applied the Gold color all over the Pearl colored part. This was my first coat.
5) In the meanwhile, I prepared the ribbon roses and kept ready. (I saw all the video tutorials available on YouTube and practiced.. It’s not that hard at all moreover I saved 50% of the money just buying ribbons rather than the readymade flower here..
6) On drying of the first coat, applied a second coat taking care to uniform the layer of color this time..
7) Glued the two roses on to the front part using a fevibond glue and ta da……My shoe will be soon ready to wear once it completely dries up..

(Forgot to mention, throughout this painting process, I had tape sealed the side plastic part of the shoe to avoid getting it colored by mistake)

Total cost of the project in INR (1USD is approx 40 INR)

Worn out shoe: Nothing
Acrylic gold and pearl color: 15 Rupees each (Total 30 Rs)
Fevibond glue: 20 Rs
Gild and Red ribbon: 10 Rs each (20 Rupees). (The readymade ribbon rose would have cost me 40 Rs).

Total cost of project is 70 Rs i.e. 1.75 USD. And seriously, it does not look cheap and can be worn for many small occasions..
Even my hubby who is a big critic loved the way I turned it out..

Hope you too like it! Thanks for visiting and forgive me for my English diction.. it’s quite indianised you see!

Bye, Shilpa 

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to say thanks so much for linking up with my Make it by Monday Challenge! How fun to discover your blog and see your cute shoes! Great job!