Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Great Indian Bai!

Strange title, isn’t it? Well this is what my blog is about today, the “Bai” which very endearingly means our  “KAAMWALI BAI“ (syn. House keeper). The Indian working woman must have. No, I don’t have one and i am seriously and very desperately looking for one! 

Even the Universal formula by  Rhonda Byrne from her book "The Secret" fails in this case which states, "If you love and want anything very passionately, the whole universe starts working to get it for you." well, i am still waiting for the universe to get it and it seems ages! 

She is something every Indian working woman wish to have and once had, will treasure her like a piece of jewellery. Yes that’s true! I can only imagine the many things I will be able to achieve once I find her…(strange but true, finding a 100 unemployed MBA’s is much easier than tracking one good kaamwali Bai here! And politicians still harp, illiteracy is the main cause for unemployment, nonsense, I say!)

So back to what things I will be achieving once god is kind to me and grants me a kaamwali bai..(Which I currently only dream about and not necessarily in this order):

1) Getting up little late in the morning not worrying about readying the breakfast and also getting to eat it (with a cup of tea when it’s still hot!)
2) Leaving the sink with dishes and not worrying about returning home to attend those dirty dishes!
3) Returning home to find the bed made, sofa pillows in place, newspaper in its shelf, not a single toy visible and not tripping over them while walking from the living room to the kitchen.
3) No missing Gyms anymore and not even rushing home from gym worrying about readying dinner on time.
4) Last but not the least, sitting with my laptop reading wonderful blogs in the blogland and writing my few blogs…(without getting exhausted and worrying about getting up early in the morning!)

Hmmmm…….Still dreaming!  Zzzzz…Zzzzzzzzz


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