Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Onion Pepper Chicken Sausage quick recipe

Today came early from office..wasn't feeling well..lunch was already cooked in the morning which serves as dinner also.. usually we have leftover lunch for dinner..It was also raining quite heavily today so the tiredness had already sunk in with that breezy and rainy weather...I felt like having some slight snack which would also serve as a side dish for dinner but something which can be made very very quickly as was in really no mood to spend time in kitchen...

checked my freezer and out came the sausages..just having plain sausages are boring so tried to spice up a bit (Indian mentality, nothing can be eaten plain without frills) here comes my "Onion Pepper Sausages" which can be made in same time as instant noodles but much healthier option..i call this a bachelor recipe because of its jhatpat nature..

So the ingredients:

3-4 long sausages (i had the cheese pepper type. you can use plain regular one).
1 big green pepper (shimla mirch )
1 tablespoon onion paste
dash of pepper
dash of cayenne pepper
dash of coriander powder
dash of salt
yes that's it..the last three can be used as per your spice tolerance.


saute the sausages in little oil..

In the meanwhile, roughly chop up green pepper.

Cut the sausages in few inch round need to be perfect..

saute the green pepper in the same pan for some time

Then add the onion paste. I make a sufficient stock of onion paste to use in various curries and gravies. Onion being an indispensable part of indian cooking, this saves me a lot of time in cooking dishes where no longer i have to wait for onions to get soft and brown..

add a dash of pepper, salt, coriander powder, cayenne pepper (your regular lal mirch will do)..since i used pepper sausage, i skipped using pepper powder. just stir for some time and s ready....Yummilicious snack and also a good side dish for your rice and chicken curry dinner! Try it takes less than 5 minutes.

See, I served these in paper bowls...These really come handy and help in avoiding extra dishes which i have to hand wash.. (Indians still hand wash their dishes, the dish washer concept is still an alien topic here)..and yes no maid for me ..i do it myself, so i resort to these paper bowls which is of great help.I even use them to serve breakfast in morning as iam always  in  a rush to go to ofice and donot want to burden the sink with dirty dishes to attend to it in the evening when i return..

Really hope i have few visits on my post!

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