Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunday-Family fun day!

hi all,

welcome back to my blog....Its the start of the week again..Many things in my mind currently to blog about . I had been in the blog land reading many awesome blogs (will write about them later).Well, So finally the Sunday is over! Just Love the Sunday! its that refreshing day of the week, charges you up for the whole week. So my lil 4yo D (by the way his name is Darsh and i like to call him my lil  D )wanted to go for a game play(It had been long, almost few weeks, we had not taken him to the gaming zone in our nearby mall), so off we went (me, my hubby and my lil D with a big smile pasted on to his face)..Wow! just love it when he does that with his two cute dimples on display.

The mall seemed to be so crowded. usually it is on Sunday's but added to it, being rains outside so mostly outdoor strollers too were now strolling inside making it seem like a mini sea (probably ocean) of people..The games were for children no doubt but my hubby too enjoys fully with my lil tot, helping him put in games and explaining him..My son is still young to figure out many games, so here my hubby goes back to his childhood days of all Masti and fun with my D. So after spending quite a few hours there (i was too enjoying just seeing these two men having a good time..), and finally exhausted of all the game tickets, we headed to the McDonald's to have a little treat...

This is the picture i clicked of my lil D's typical angry man posture..he was upset the big boys were not letting him play racing was too full..Such a cute pic!

My son was happy thinking now he will get a happy meal toy but i was like"No more toys now" ..he already has a basket overflowing with toys all good enough so i cant even purge them.. initially reluctant , then somehow he agreed to have only the Burger (McChicken to be more specific)..

Oh! i forgot to mention on the way to McDonald's we stopped by at Hobby Ideas and my hubby without even me knowing purchased this lil DIY bike toy for him..(They both know i would have never allowed this splurge..).My hubby ended up spending more than 2 hours figuring out how to fix this nuts and bolts to make that Bike, after reaching back home..finally he created a bike (i def would not call that a bike)..but my lil D was so happy the way it turned out..children na...they like any weird things..i always tell them "Baap beta do no ek jaise hai" which means "like father like son"..

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