Sunday, July 17, 2011

quick egg biryani

hello, welcome back to my recipe section...

Its Sunday again! and as usual we do not get up early on this day! omg, who does? now no starting with that Indian women should get up early and cook and all that blah blah,,,,please not this crap for me..well its more over a brunch day for us. I always try to cook something special on this day as we all lunch together on this day, moreover i did not want to end up in the kitchen slogging and sweating cooking out a delicacy...yes, Indian cooking is too elaborate and time consuming..ask any house wife, 80% of her day is gone just readying up the dishes on the table to the guys if you are one of those cooking purists, do no read further, you may get offended. My dishes are for the Women on the Go, who have to look after multiple tasks (Our Sundays are alloted for grocery shopping, cleaning and organizing our complete full hands, so i don't let cooking consume most of the time)....

SO as per my menu plan for the week, today is the "Egg Biryani day". Yes, i plan my menu's well inadvance and will talk about this in my later blog...Here come my version of the Egg Biryani (Trust me ! its tastes great and not even will take the 1/4th time of the actual biryai recipes you find on the internet)..

Ingredients :

Biryani pot (Indian Crock pot)
Vegetable chopper
4-5 eggs
Basmati rice (2 cups)(for 2 for 2 meals)
onion 2-3
Tomato 2
Yoghurt 2tbsp
Chicken stock (u can use maggi chicken masala for that typical non veg flavour)
Seasonings as per your taste: Biryani masala, pepper powder, turmeric, cayenne pepper, sesamme seeds, salt, garam masala, coriander powder, cinnamon powder.
coriander chopped (optional, if available in your refrigerator) (i did not have this, so had to skip)
garlic ginger paste

Method: I hope from the ingredients you have guessed, it is not an elaborate time consuming biryani..(moreover the biryani masala we get in the market, contains all that flavored seasoning we crush and use, so u can easily skip this step)

My Biryani pot (i just love them for their perfect steamed rice) and eggs boiling besides it!

Take out your vegetable chopper and cut the onions in four and put in it, then put the roughly chopped tomatoes, yogurt, garlic ginger paste and all the sesonings..Run the chopper in to a fine paste.

Take sufficient quantity of oil and ghee combination in to you biryani pot. Heat the oil and then pour the above paste and close the lid and let it cook for some time (until the oil starts oozing out of the paste ).

You can boil your eggs seperately in the meanwhile and de-shell them. Put the basmati rice on to this paste along with chicken stock and sufficient water to completely cook the rice. After about 15-20 minutes, all water evaporates and the rice is cooked (u get that perfect biryani rice aroma, that u know, ur rice is ready). Slice your eggs in to two and spread over rice and let it steam for futher 5-10 mins...Done.Let it cool down and serve with raita or achhaar (pickle) or any of your side dish.

Ta simple and quick ...i cud not simplify this recipe any further..the spice level we prefer is very very low so haven't used any green chillies, but if you like spicy food , then you can go on to add more chilly powder. green chilli paste. Its also taste the way it smells..awesome and my hubby just had his fill with it..

So girls, do not drudge in the kitchen to get that perfect recipe and the perfect masala that had been passed on to us (no doubt they are truly authentic and tastes awesome), but its not for the "On the Go Women"...we have many more things to get done...(no matter what your MIL says about that perfect cooking and sweating to get that perfect taste, don't let this secret to her and you know what, she will not even be able to guess, you had so many shortcuts)..

I also served them in disposable plates, so no more cleaning dishes to think of...No, i am not lazy but its Sunday dear and so many tasks on priority..oh! by the way, its also my menu planning day for the week...i better get going..

One last Secret tip for this recipe: Get a good Biryani masala and use it generously, you will never go wrong!

bye tc


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