Wednesday, July 13, 2011

what a day to start with!

hi everyone, how many of you are enjoying the heavy rains today while on their way to office? Not many i guess! and that included me as well...

yesterday i met with a minor accident wherein a zooming biker rammed in to my car causing it a heavy dent..had to immediately give it for repairs. It had become so indispensable part of my life.. i was feeling so handicap without it for rest of the day and moreover i am to get it back next week only!

Now switch to Today morning 7.00 a.m. I woke up and see what? i felt like letting out a little scream! Heavy rains pouring outside. i wished it was weekend but no, i was a weekday and i had to head to the office! how will i , in these poring rains? My office by the way is at a 10-15 min driving distance but it is in so interior of the city that the rickshawala's just parked outside my building refuse, as there is always water logging in the area due to heavy rains and the roads are too bad at this time....Then "should i just take leave?' i thought for a moment..but only last week i had the entire week on leave due to my lil kids schooling..

My hubby agreed to drop me to office on his two wheeler..i was happy that i will  reach on time but also COMPLETELY DRENCHED! and so it was...even the jacket could not protect me and my out fit from the heavy rains..I am so thankful to him..he always take the repercussions of my slobby and careless ways..(i am aware that the dent in the car has also put a huge dent in his pocket)..

So finally, i reached office as mentioned COMPLETELY DRENCHED! By the way i did not mention i also did the following activities in the morning after waking up as my blog is more about getting rid of my slob ways and how i do it, right?

brushed my teeth
cooked breakfast for kid and hubby (instant noddles, was in no mood to make an elaborate breakfast)
packed tiffin for my kid
cooked lunch (this will serve as dinner too!) (as per the menu planner today was the shrimp curry and rice)
packed my lunch box
Kissed my kid goodbye and sent him in his school bus
Had my bath
Dressed up and off to my office..(i mentioned, my husband was to drop me so he accompanied)

went to grab the car out of habit.!

I will talk about my menu planner in detail in following blogs!

bye, Tc


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